Learn the secrets of homemade delights!

Homemade-cake-dessertMy mother’s butter pound cake is my sweet memory of homemade cake.  I remember it was baked in an extinct circle oven.  My sister and I craved for the heavenly cake.  It ended up in our stomach soon after it had been out of the oven.  My friend grew up with delicious homemade cakes.  The ‘homemade delights’ drove me to bake my first cake in Heidelberg long after the school lessons.  Time lapsed.  Crave for homemade cakes ignited again.  I bought an oven, some simple tools and started baking homemade cakes.  Friends are my guinea pigs.  Their smiles and satisfaction is my motivation to bake continually.    I wish to share the tips of deriving the satisfaction through baking so I developed an eBook consisting 15 simple and healthy cakes and desserts.

Click here to see the sumptuous delights in the ebook.

One thought on “Learn the secrets of homemade delights!

  1. Meyan
    Nice blog. Where is the sales page of your ebook? How’s sales. My ebook just made one sale last week. Good start though not making much much.


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