What’s in the ebook?


Homemade cakes and desserts differentiate themselves by the taste of love, warmth and joy.   It brings satisfaction and happiness to the baker and guests.  It is healthier –  uncompromising fresh ingredients are used whilst sugar and fatty decorations are minimised.

This ebook not only shows you the recipes and finished products but tips and step-by-step guides with photos to the successful production of sumptuous cakes and desserts. Tips include:

Techniques of:
– Creaming butter and cheese
– Egg white beating
– Folding flour, egg white, etc into the cake mixture, etc

Conversion of:
– Temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius,
– Cake tin sizes,
– Volume vs. weight

Functions of key ingredients

Substitute of ingredients

Recipes in this ebook:
– German Cream Cheese Torte
– Blackberry Cheesecake
– Cinnamon-Apple Cake
– Lemon Cake
– Chocolate Sour Cream Cake
– Rich Chocolate Cake
– Walnut Cake
– Pear Almond Tart
– Nectarine Flavour Tart with Berries
– Scones
– Chocolate Pudding
– Panna Cotta with Raspberries
– Tiramisu
– Apple Crumble
– Cherry Clafouti


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