Harrace @ eOneNet, Hong Kong

Michelle Leung, Hong Kong

Just by the outlook of the walnut cake, I already wanted to eat it all.  Nutty fragrance and fine texture storm my palate. The sweetness at the right level does not compromise my ‘keep fit’ plan.  Surprisingly this cake contains no flour.  How can it be?  It’s so good!  I rush to learn baking even cake is not my favourite…..

No one can resist the delicate scent of the tempting chocolate.  Outside is dark and mighty but inside is silky and velvety.  The mix inside the mouth flows like volcano eruption.  Meyan’s cake is never too sweet.  If you like cakes and desserts, you will love hers.

Wanna starting baking your own cakes?  Buy today at US$9.9, you will get this ebook and a free copy of Taking Great Photos.   Send an email to meyanyeung@gmail.com for payment details.


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