Chocolate Pistachio Cake

Chocolate Pistachio Cake

This is a twist of last week’s chocolate truffle cake.     Pistachio paste was added and chocolate of higher percentage of cacao  used.   To present it in the daisy form,  ingredient portion was multiplied  150%.   The chocolate was very strong and left the cake a slight bitter taste.     The thickness of the pistachio paste solidified the cake too much earlier than the scheduled baking time.    It’s not as custard-like as expected.    Feedback varied.   Some loved it very much.     They expected a cake and were amazed with the soft melty texture.    My facial lady asked me if I have opened my own cake shop.  ‘No, no, no!’   I corrected her and bought her back to the reality.  

My sister only had a little bite  this time.   She wanted a sweeter custard.   My view?   I could not taste so much the pistachio.   

The next challenge is to serve two chocolate lovers.  I will take the original chocolate truffle recipe, 61% cacao.   The twist will be to sprinkle pistachio and pour ganache on top.   It will be divine.   No doubt!

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