Mango Dome Cake

Mango Dome Cake

I like the mango dome cake from Cafe Cova.    It is a soft sponge cake with mango pieces and cream in a dome hemisphere shape.   I searched for the recipe but efforts were in vain.  By chance, I’ve got it and tried it out.  It’s nice.     Next time, I will add more mango and reduce the cream.    

All you have to do is prepare a sponge cake, cut horizontally into 3 pieces.   Trim the middle layer so that it has a shorter diameter than the base’s.    The top one has the smallest area.   The difference in diameters does not need to be big, else the slope will become very steep.   Keep the cut away cake and blend it to cake powder.  

Next, whip the cream until 80% firm.   Mix it with mango juice to form mango cream.  Cut mangoes into cubes.  Place mango cream and mango pieces on the base sponge cake.  Put the middle layer on top.  Repeat the layering of the cream and mango.  Last comes the top layer.    Cover the cake with the mango cream and subsequently dust the cake powder on top.    It’s done.  

Mango Dome Cake

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