Cinnamon Roll

cinnamon roll

I thought that I would stop bakery for a while upon my return from Milan because it would be a while to return and  prepare meals.  But it came out differently.   I flipped Essentials of Baking (Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking: Recipes and Techniques for Succcessful Home Baking (Williams Sonoma Essentials), borrowed from the public library last night.   My attention was kept by the cinnamon rolls, a good alternative for scone as breakfast.  The drive to delight friends with my sweet was only temporarily hidden.  It’s always there.  I prepared the dough for fermentation within the hour between getting up and leaving home for the church service.  Wow!

It took more than 2 hours to double the volume in this winter day.  I prepared the filling by mixing egg, cinnamon and sugar.  Then I roll up the batter into a log and cut into rolls, let it rise for another 30-40 minutes.  In the meantime, I found out that the recipe calls for butter, cinnamon and sugar.  The egg is for brushing after the second rise.  No wonder why the filling was so runny.    Don’t be surprised by my absent mind.  I forgot to put money in my wallet on the first day that I resumed work.  Never mind, let’s continue and see how it turned out.  The rolls were baked at 200°C for 25 minutes.    Gradually, the colour turned golden brown.  The air lingered a sweet smell.  The finishing is to mix icing sugar, double cream and vanilla extract.  Oh, it’s yummy!  Nevertheless, I will give it a second trial by adding back the butter as the filling.

A quick look of the ingredients (my adapted version):

1.5 teaspoon yeast                       80g milk, warm          37g sugar          1 large egg          280g plain flour          2 teaspoon salt
Grated zest of one orange          40g butter, at room temperature

30g sugar          1 teaspoon cinnamon          20g melted butter (overlooked)          1/3 egg, beaten

Vanilla Glaze:
15g icing sugar, sifted          40g heavy cream          1/3 teaspoon vanilla essence


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