Gongonzola Pistachio Pasta and Olive Rolls

Today is the Chinese Valentine’s Day, 15th day of January Lunar New Year.   It was the western Valentine’s Day two weeks ago.  I was still in Milan.   Time flies.   But memories of Milan and Venice are vivid.   I made two new attempts today:  Gongonzola pistachio pasta, a wonderful dish of the first dinner in Venice, and olive rolls, an attempt to challenge the olive focaccia  which my friend took for lunch in Milan. 

gongonzola pistachio pasta

I wanted to cook it in Milan as my friend loves gongonzola.    We bought the blue cheese but no chance.  Time was too short.  We could not put everygthing in our stomach.    Here in Hong Kong, I did my version.  

  • Crush and toast the pistachio.
  • Melt butter in a pan. 
  • Crush the cheese and pour into the melted butter.   Stir to mix.
  • Add cream and stir well.  Sprinkle nutmeg and sage. 
  • Finish with a little bit salt and black pepper. 
  • Toss well with the pasta.

It’s a rich, cheesy and creamy pasta.   I’ll use milk instead of cream next time as temperature is high in Kong Kong.

Olive Rolls
Olive Rolls

It’s food shopping day after the Venice trip.  My friend picked an olive focaccia from the supermarket.   It should be freshly baked on the day.   I only like focaccia fresh from the oven.  It should be warm, soft and fragrant to tempt my palate and induce my desire to eat.  But sorry, it’s cold.  I ate a bit and all left to his stomach. 

I baked bread twice in Milan:  Fig walnut and cranberry walnut.    Today, I made black olive rolls in Hong Kong.   It’s soft and fresh.    It springs back as you press it.   Tiny holes can be seen when it is cut.  I prefer mine and so will my friend.

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