Chocolate Nemesis

Chocolate Nemesis

I bought a new cookbook of London’s River Cafe, Italian Kitchen.  It’s the first cookbook without any pictures of the food it features.     Today I tried out Chocolate Nemesis.  It calls for a 10 x 3 inch cake pan.  As a trial I took a 6-inch (16 cm) cake tin, measured 20% of the original recipe and reduced the sugar portion further. 

It is similar to chocolate truffle cake, but without any flour.   You need to bake this in a hot water bath.   The top is a  bit crispy and the body muddily velvet.  I used 70% cacao.  The chocolate burst in the mouth.  It is smooth and divine.   The chocoate melted and dived into the stomach.

It is interesting to read the book.  The authors shared their view, secrets and passion of each recipe.   It is inspiring and induces your eager to try out the recipes.  I wanted to check out if there would be videos showing the cooking as the recipes were extracted from television series.  I read a piece of sad news.  One of the authors / owners of the cafe, Rose Gray, died a few days ago.  I wish that she rests in peace.  Her passion remains motivating people who love cooking.


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