Chocolate Sour Cream Cake

Chocolate Haven

Yesterday was a day full of meetings.   I saw tiring faces.  Emotions and stress from teammates were observed.    I had in mind what to do to destress my colleagues and bring some smiles / indulgence back to the office.   Well, how about a chocolate cake?   I saw a programme of Nigella Lawson about chocolate pound cake a while ago.    

Her version is just mixing all ingredients in a blender, both for the cake and the icing.    I don’t believe mixing everything together will result in nice cake texture.   So, I sticked to the normal procedure: beat butter and sugar until creamy, add in eggs, sour cream, vanilla and lastly fold in the flour and chocolate powder.   Very important note, I cut 25% sugar for the cake and more than 50% sugar for the icing. 
The cake was shared among over 16  colleagues.  They were happy.    A young guy took two and asked for a third piece!   Sorry sorry no, the chocolate therapy should be shared among people.  It’s wonderful to take a break and mingle whilst enjoying one of the best presents, chocolate, from God.    They liked it.  It’s not too sweet, more Chinese’ taste.   But I regret I had too small a half piece.   No problem!  Objective of making others happy achieved!

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