Homemade Pesto Sauce

It’s a day full of meetings.    Glad that we have overcome difficulties and achieved our target for the day.   My colleague was stressed prior to the start of the tasks.    ‘Hey, the task hasn’t started yet!  Don’t assume anything on the negative side.   The targets for the coming days are totally achievable.  Our calibre and intelligence will manage it admirably.  Don’t worry beforehand.’    I said this.  At this point, I believe she is relieved.  Well done and congratulations! 

To nurture myself, I celebrated the results with a pasta tossed with my homemade pesto sauce.    It was made some time ago.   But thanks to the olive oil, it keeps long in the fridge and tastes fantastic.   It is easy to make:

Place 100g fresh basil leaves and 2 cloves garlic into a food processor.  Add 25g grated Parmesan cheese and 40g  toasted pine nuts to the mixture.  Process until it is fine.   While the motor is running, add 125ml extra virgin olive oil in a slow stream.  Process until all the oil has been blended and the mixture is a thick and slightly runny paste.   Toss it with pasta.  I chose fettucine for this occasion.  A dash of prosciutto adds extra appeals!


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