Prune Cardamom Wholemeal Bread

Prune Cardamom Wholemeal Bread

Cardamom tastes similar to ginger.  The first connection is from Indian tea.  It adds warmth, energy and remains impressive.  I used it for pumpkin tart and today wholemeal bread mixed with prune.

Fermentation already started last night.  The first fermentation was split into two parts: 1 hour for the first rising, overnight fermentation in the fridge because I want to go to bed after a long day of street performance, standing and crying all the time.   Our performance is an imitatation of Jesus walking the Calvary road on the Good Friday.  I acted as one of the women following Jesus, deep sorrow through the walk, withnessing how he was tortured and suffered for us.    Tears filled my eyes.  They look like panda bear’s after each show.

Calvary street show matrix

I looked like a nun.  Not sure if Jewish women dressed like this more than 2000 years ago.   This is the first time to participate in the church’s Vision Audio Team’s performance.   I appreciate the team work and spirit and am happy to be part of it.  Apart from actors/actresses, director, cosmetic professionals, costumes helpers, there are countless of people contributing time and efforts to deliver the show, recalling the great love from Jesue, hanging to death to save us. 

Back to my bread.   It was left at the fridge for fermentation.  It has to stay at room temperature for 2 hours before the final fermentation and shaping.  It lasted for about 1 hour.    The wheat favour is rich, the crust crispy, the bread soft with a hint of cardamom.

Here shows the ingredient list if you are interested to make one:

150g wholemeal flour
100g bread flour
50g prune soaked in brandy
1 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
50g old bread dough
20g butter
10g salt
8g yeast
155g water


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