1st Homemade Pizza!

1st Homemade PizzaOne day my mom wanted to eat pizza and asked if I could make one.  I never did it before and would try.  One evening I passed by an Italian Deli and bought a bottle of tomato sauce for the base.   Subsequently Danish Mozzarella, prosciutto, mushroom were stocked to make for the day.

The dough was made like bread but extra virgin olive oil added.  I used beer yeast brought from Italy.  The dough smelled differently, a sour aroma and superb.  The fermentation went for an hour.   The second rising took 10 minutes.   The dough was split and placed into 1 9-inch and 7-inch tart pan.  The base was brushed with tomato sauce, topped with mushroom,  Mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato and homegrown basil.    The baking at 240°C took only 12 minutes.

We, four people, left over one piece only.   We like it.  It’s not typical Italian pizza with thin crust.  It can be more crispy.  Well, the first time.  It’s good.   No salt nor pepper added but the taste was good.  It should be attributed to the prosciutto and cheese.

Learning, a key word nowadays in the business world.     No tomato as it adds too much moisture.  I will make free forms next time so that it will be a thin crust.  More juicy ham or prosciutto will be picked instead.   Mushroom is good and will remain.    The basil will be placed on top after the pizza is out of the oven, next time.

When I saw the pizza swelling in the oven I thought of Davide, an Italian friend who likes pizza with thick crust.  If there is a Pizza Hut nearby, he will go for one American pizza.  Well, next time when I visit.  No need to fly hours to America.  Ha ha!


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