Tropical Pizza with Rucola

Tropical Pizza with Rucola

Friday is a long day for us, arriving at the office before 8.15am, reading competitor offers, attending a lengthy meeting bypassing the noon time, working hard till late evening though our offical working hours on Friday is 5pm.  Today, I planned a family time after work, family members sitting together for a pizza, another trial. I prepared the dough last night, let it ferment the first time, punched it and left it to rise again in the fridge overnight.  It did not grow much when I examined it this morning but it did when I was home again, a few hours sitting at the room temperature.  My mother and sister were waiting for me back.   My brother should leave home for a banquet but stayed.  I quickly preheated the oven, rolled out the dough, brush tomato sauce, laid mozzarella cheese, pineapple and ham on top.  It’s ready in 12 minutes.  Rucola was laid on top to appeal.

Simple fresh food and family together.  It’s nice and enjoyable.    This pizza is more delicious than the first experimental one.  It’s got a thinner crust.  Pineapples added an exotic favour.   The bitterness of rucola complemented the other toppings.   It is a bold test to add rucola since my family quite sticks to Chinese food.  Luckily it was welcomed.  Well, you can skip it and have your pizza like this.

Tropical / Hawaii Pizza

We are happy and sastisfied.  My sister asked for another one for tomorrow.  I am not sure if I want to have pizza again so soon even I have BBQ chicken as the topping in mind.

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