Apricot Walnut Bread

After 1 whole week of long hours work, I finally had a chance to try a new method of making bread from a book I bought last week.  The author learnt bread baking in Switzerland which I hope is similar to German bread, the best bread in the world.

This bread needs to prepare a pre-ferment dough by mixing equal amount of rye flour and water plus 1% yeast.   The bread will be soft and keep longer.

It was left to ferment at room temperature.   In between the time I had a herbalist visit, lunch and a bit shopping. 

The dough has grown crazily.  Half the dough was taken to mix with two types of flour and other ingredients.  Though the room temperature was not high, the dough grew quick.   By following the instructions, the dough was taken for a further fermentation before it can be divided for the proofing process.

The dough weighed about 1 kg and divided into 6 rolls for the proofing.  Finally, they could go in the oven before 9pm.  The baking time was 15 minutes.  Wheat fragnace lingered in the air.  Wait, the bread has to cool down.  Don’t cut it right away.  You will destroy it. 

The bread has small holes and rendered a soft texture.  Good, good, good!


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