Blackberry Cheesecake

Another reunion, a happy experience today.  Last week, I met a friend,  I called him my elder brother for a long time.  He could not recognise me.  Then I learnt that the eyesight of his one eye has degenerated much.  It’s almost blocked.  I had a heavy heart the whole day.

Today I visited Grace and Roger, school friends of higher grade than I.  It’s a nice reunion.  His elder son, Joshua, is a very devoted Christian and a little leader in school and church young group.   Roger named him Joshua because he wanted his son to win for God.  It’s a beautiful mind and actualised.  Amazing, isn’t it?

I baked 2 little blueberry cheesecakes and shared one with Roger’s family.  The sour of blackberry is a perfect match to the stuffy cheese.  They neutralise and bring the taste bud a new experience.   The cake base was made from biscuit and butter,  the blackberry paste mixed with lemon juice and sugar, the cheese mixture is a simple combination of cream cheese, sugar, eggs and cream.  I did not mix the blackberry and cheese mixture well. So, it looked like marble.  The texture is velvet.  It’s a good ending of a very nice day with friends.

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