Indian Mango – Memories in India

I aimed to buy Indian Cashew and took a trip to Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui.  It is well-known for low-cost, multi-national accommodation, loads of Indian restaurants, fast food, authentic shops and money changers.    

Delicious meat rolls from Delhi haunted my mind.  It was a recommendation from my ex-general manager, Paul Smitton, who worked as the General Manager of Virgin Atlantic in India.  The meat roll was shredded meat dipped in homemade sauce and wrapped in Indian bread.  It was simple and fantastic.  It was like magnet drawing us back before we headed back home.   I went through each fast food restaurant and browse the menu but could not find it.  The only similar stuff was Doner from Turkey.   Disappointment was soon dispelled by seeing an Indian sipping tea.  I asked straightaway if it was Indian tea with cardamom.  The reply was ginger and cardamom.  I chilled!  My first sip was in Jaipur.  We finished one and could not stop to order a second one.  Thereafter, whenever we saw a stall selling this marvellous tea, we stopped and waited for it.  The tea today was prepared in advance.  It's sweet.  I enjoyed it and the memories it brought. 

Back to my original target, cashew.  It's a shop on the first floor.  One just go up a staircase at the middle of the mansions.  It's right on your left hand side.  Boxes of Indian mango lined the floor before the showing window.  We wanted to have mango lassi when we were in Indian.  It was not possible because the summer season had passed.  Today, I had them before me.  Small and gorgeous.   A box of 12 costs HK$120. 4 costs $55.  I went for a box.  The load of 12 mangoes, cashew and pistachio was quite much.  I was delighted.

I picked the most mature one.  The flavour was intense and exotic.  I already planned for mango lassi as part of my dinner course tomorrow. 


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