Green Tea Red Bean Rolls

It has been long that I would like to attempt this lovely roll.  It was adapted from a book ‘Natural Bread Made Easy’ (天然麵包香).  The distinctiveness of this book is a 17-hour pre-ferment dough.  Basically, it takes 70% of bread flour, water, yeast and salt to undergo pre-fermentation.  Milk powder and butter are added to make bread soft and airy.  As a trial, I took 1/2 portion of the suggested ingredients but sugar was only 1/4 of the original.  I also replaced cream with milk.   It looked sumptuous!

The dough grew tremendously quick and big.   The two rolls had a certain distance sooner after the second fermentation.  When it was close to the end of the fermentation, they grew big, no space left between and were kissing together.  The rolls out from the oven looked great.  They were soft and elastic (springy).   More red bean paste and increased sweetness will make them perfect.  Cheers!


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