Green Tea Pudding

Yes, it’s green tea,  a special favour, the second time in a week.    I made it last Sunday as a farewell gift for Karen as she longed to taste it.  I did it the second time this year for her.  She’s gone.  A dash of loneliness, days of adjustment and a wish for her best development.   She had mixed feelings, exciting for the future but sad to leave her good friends.

I like Hokkaido milk pudding.  It’s velvet, creamy and milky.  I wished I could do it too.  The first attempt was a failure.   It was a bit like plastic thought it looked nice in a photo.  I spot a green tea pudding receipt from a newspaper on Thursday and adapted it a bit the same night. Susanna loves green tea.  Without trying it first, I brought one serving size back to the office for us to try together.    It turned out great, velvet and silky.  If I used full fat milk, it might be even nicer but would have brought an alarm to my weight. 

Cream 100g    milk 100g      sugar 22g      gelatin sheet 3g     Green tea powder 3g   

  1. Soak the gelatin in cold water.
  2. Mix 25g milk and green tea powder with a handheld heater.
  3. Heat cream, rest of milk and sugar in a saucepan until slightly boil
  4. Remove from the heat, add in the softened gelatin and the green tea milk, mix well and let cool
  5. Pour the green tea mixture into 3 dessert cups evenly and refrigerate for 3 hours.

Garnish the pudding with raspberry or sprinkle green tea powder on top.  Guten Appetit!


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