Mango Swiss Roll

It has been some time that I would like to try making swiss roll.  It’s a challenge as I can never have consistent success of making sponge cake.  Making a soft roll is no guarantee.  And I did not have a flat tray fit for swiss roll.  But an impromptu pop up.  My mom bought mango.  Yes, let’s go for it though the tray is a bit narrow and the roll got a bit thick.  Experiment, no harm.  Life is full of trials.  Success is never guaranteed.  Success always comes with trial.  No trial, no success ever.

As expected, the short width of the cake pan attributed to a thicker roll.  Not a problem.   It was left cool a bit then lifted up from the baking paper.  To aid the rolling, I laid the cake on another baking paper.   Cream and mango were put on top.  Hey yummy and gorgeous!  I carefully rolled it up but the surface of the cake sticked to the baking paper.    It did not harm the outlook, though.  The roll was wrapped in the baking paper and got fixed in the fridge.  One hour passed, I could not wait longer to check out if the experiment would declare successful.  Yeah, it’s soft and delicious!  Success with chill!   One more dessert to serve in the summer and delight friends.  Ha ha!  My mango monster friend will love it.


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