Rye Bread with Raisin, Prune and Cumin

My mum’s taste is traditional Chinese food.  But she likes my rye raisin bread with cumin.    It is grown in countries like India, Africa, North China and Americas.  It is abundantly used in Mediterranean, Middle and Mexican food.  I like it for its foreign, exotic and mysteric taste.

 I gave it a twist this time by adding prune and butter to the dough.  Butter adds softness to the bread.   Oval form was also made extra to the typical round form.   The cut shows that the bread with holes.  It looks and was really soft.  It’s a bit chewy, my expectation of bread.  The kneading took time as water content was high.    There were rounds of adding extra flour to achieve the expected texture.  The outcome was nice.  My mum picked an oval shape with lots of raisins.  The rest was put into the freezer for later consumption. 

If you like to make it yourself, here is the list of ingredients:
Rye flour 100g       
Bread flour 400g    
Water 170g             
Instant yeast 3g 
salt 10g                     
butter 20g                 
Raisin 120g    
Prune 60g               
Cumin 1 teaspoon


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