Chestnut Delights

Wednesday was a public holiday.  It was also a chestnut day.  I made three delights  by chestnut paste.    Chocolate chestnut Swiss roll, plain chestnut Swiss roll and chocolate chestnut cake.  I based on Tony Wong’s receipt to make the chocoate chestnut Swiss roll.  Valrohna chocolate powder was used.  The air was filled with the pure and rich chocolate.  But the roll cracked a bit and was not as soft as my Mango Swiss roll.  It’s a pity.  However, once the shape had been fixed in the fridge,  the texture and softness became good.  It was intended to show my appreciation and thanks for the devotion from Katie and Connie, two young ladies helping a lot on organising an event. 

Only about half of the chestnut paste was used.  I quickly prepare the ingredients for a plain swiss roll.  The portion was sufficient to make a roll and a 4-inch little cake.  So, I went ahead further for an extra chocolate chestnut cake.

The plain swiss roll was soft like sponge.  A bit more sugar was added to enhance the chestnut flavour.  It’s yummy!  The little cake was sandwiched with chestnut paste and lastly covered with chocolate coating.   It has a fabulous presentation with berries.

The two types of rolls were served during our task force meeting.   Team members were relaxed.  The atmosphere was good.  Unfortunately, Susan was ill and could not take a piece. Next time!

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