Passion Fruit Milk Pudding

It’s the first time I saw passion fruit.  I bought a pack from straight impulse and did not wait long to taste it.  It’s refreshing taste and sourness caused infatuation, somehow.   Ding, an idea to make milk pudding with a dash of passion fruit.

100 cream     125g milk    
25g sugar     4g gelatin
pulp from 1.5-2 passionfruit

Soak the gelatin in water for a while. Microwave to melt it.

Cook cream, milk and sugar until it is sligthly boiled.  Turn off the heat and mix in the melted gelatin liquid.

Let cool a bit.  Blend in the passionfruit pulp. Pour the mixture into dessert serving glasses.  Refrigerate for 3 hours or above.

It’s velvet with a fragrant heavenly taste!   The pudding did not turn into yellow colour because passionfruit does not have much juice.  It’s enjoyed together with the seeds.  Believe me, it is nice.

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