Taro Cookies

The taro cookies is a variation from butter, chocolate and green tea cookies made with egg white.  The secret to make it crispy is to leave them in the oven for at least 15 minutes after the planned baking time has been lapsed.    The colour is very appealing.  But for the taste, I still stick to green tea and chocolate.

I tried mixing the butter and icing sugar with hands.  The texture of the cookies was not crispy as those mixing with machine.  Well, it was still very nice, just not perfect.

The colour is very appealing.  Purple denotes romance.  I like purple and so are friends and colleagues.  One of those is Susan.  She will like this charming cookies. 

Here is a description of an addiction for purple by a writer when I was still in the secondary school: 我平生有愛紫之癖,不愛深紫愛淺紫,不愛本色的紫,但愛青蒼中薄抹的一層紫。  It’s difficult to translate the feel.  Let’s give it a trial.  “I have an addiction for purple.  Not dark but light purple.  Not the very purple but a dash of light purple overlaying the weeping sky.”

Now, a nap, then go to the church cell group and share these little romance with friends: Michelle group of the Shatin Baptist Church.


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