Rhubarb Streusel Cake


A new day started with time spent with my mum and aunt, searching for sewing machine.  My mum thought that I would inherit it but no.  I have no such talent, artful hands and mind.   I invited my aunt to stay and baked a cake, Rhubarb.  Friends said they never heard of Rhubarb.  Here is a shot.  It is vegetable but defined as fruit in the US as it is mostly used for pies and other foods for its tart taste.  It tastes sour.  Fresh raw stalks are crispy.

 I am curious to make a good Rhubarb cake.  The last trial was not a big success as the Rhubarb from Taste was not fresh.  The flesh after peeling the skin was tiny and I had to make up the weight by adding pear.  So, another trial with a handsome investment on fresh Rhubarb.  It is made with cake batter (flour, butter, sugar, etc), Rhubarb mixed with ground ginger and sugar and streusal topping.  It’s not so much a cake but a superb dessert best with ice cream.  What an enjoyment!


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