Bretzel Baked Fresh

I love German bread.  It’s chewy and full of  fragnance.  Rye is very common in Germany.  My mum has never been to Germany but she loves my cumin raisin rye bread.  Of many good bread, bretzel can be said as the icon of German bread.  It can’t be any other country which can claim the origin of bretzel.  Typical bretzel is sprinkled with gross salt.  It is sold everywhere, be it a street stall or a bakery.  But I am not a big fan.   As I will be visiting a German friend, let’s try to impress.

Today I tried a sweet version, generous ground almond mixed with sugar.  I used French bread flour because bread flour was out.  It produces soft bread with cripsy crust.   Don’t equate this to soft bread in Hong Kong which incorporates tonnes of fat.  No fat has been added to my bretzel. 

My first trial bretzel does not look alike the traditional one.  This is fat and short.  Next time, I will elongate the legs and keep them more distant apart from the trunk.  A bit more sugar will be incorporated to bring out the sweetness.  This time I have the ratio of 1 to 8.

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