Chocolate Amaretti Stuffed Peaches

It rained slightly in Milan.  Temperature dropped.   Per friend’s request I tried baking a Piemont dessert, Pesche ripiene.  The only version I’ve got is from a Germany cookbook.   Wine and ground almond are extra to his mother’s version.  It’s a nice try out and can certainly repeat for serving guests.  Bravo!

Nice dessert is after a meal.  We had gorgonzola pistachio pasta and then the lovely chocolate amaretti stuffed peaches.

We will attend a concert of Beethoven and Robert Schumann at the Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum this afternoon.

4 big ripe peaches (halfed)    
1 Tablespoon cacao powder    
1 egg    
10 Amaretti biscuits (ground)
2 tablespoon ground almond
300ml Moscato (optional)
1.5 tablespoon butter, cubed    
20g sugar

  • Scoop out flesh from the peaches by leaving around 1 cm to the skin
  • Mash the peach flesh.  Add ground almond and mix well.
  • Mix in cacao, egg and amaretti.  Add wine and mix well until it resembles creamy texture.
  • Lay the peaches in a greased baking pan.  Fill out the peach cavity with the peach mixture.
  • Dash butter cubes onto the top of the filling.  Sprinkle sugar.  Pour the rest of wine into the baking pan.
  • Bake at 180C for 35-40 minutes.  Serve at room temperature or cold.

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