Green Tea Red Current Rolls

The weekend after my trip to Milan has gone quickly.  The first Monday was a day of bad weather.    Rain and ongoing rain.  Never stopped.   While searching for information to prepare an upcoming interview, a message of Skype poping up an ex-colleague from Malaysia.  It’s a nice surprise and delight!  I chilled.  We chit chat for a while.  It turned a gloomy Monday to a happy one.

Typhoon signal 3 is hoisted at the moment.  What’s better than going after challenges, to allievate boredom?   This time I went for Japanese bakery.  The original recipe calls for black bean, bread improver and a Levain pre-fermented dough.  I did not have them and would not dash out in a rainy day.  So, they were either skipped or substituted.  It came my version of Green Tea Red Current Rolls.  Yeah!

The key ingredients are French bread flour, water, green tea powder, dry red current, salt, malt and yeast.

It’s a long process after kneading.  First, fermentation for 30 minutes.  Then twice folding at intervals of 30 and 90 minutes.

Following is dividing, shaping and scoring.  I missed a 30-minute resting stage between dividing and shaping for it had been a very lengthy process.  Baked at 240C for 15 minutes.  Cool down for 15 minutes.  Serve!  Bread keeps moisture inside during the baking process.  If you cut it right away, it will become soggy.  Instead, let the moisture evaporate naturally.  For rolls, I will wait at least 10 minutes.  For bigger loaf, 30 minutes.

It has a delicate taste of green tea, a dash of bitterness.  It mingled well and was in harmony with the sweet red currents.  The crust was a little bit chewy.  Yummy!  Satisfied with the new attempt.


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