Clams cooked in two ways

I bought fresh calms from Tai Po Market yesterday.  Last evening I cooked it with extra virgin olive oil, shallots, garlic and white wine.  Then they were tossed with fettucine.  Yummy!  My mum tried it.   She liked it.  I guess, she liked the trace of wine in the pasta which is very unique and refreshing.

Half the calms left for lunch today.   It’s boring to cook them the same way.  Well, got some ideas.  A food show demonstrated calms cooked in paste of olive oil, garlic and curled parsley.  I used my homemade pesto sauce instead.  After the calms have been cooked for a while (with some shells opened), pesto sauce was added.  Pasta water was also added to avoid drying of the sauce.  Pour in penne and tossed well.  That’s it!  Another flavour, another dish.  Excellent!

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