Soft and Creamy Cheesecake

My father is ill and has not eaten almost anything in the last few days.   He is weak and has no appetite.  His teeth also cause problems of eating.  Today, after my interview, I went home quickly to make a soft cheesecake for him.  Not sure if he will eat.  But let’s hope.  He did not eat dinner but ate my cake.  He wanted more but mum said first little and more later.  Hey, good news!  Finally….

This cheesecake is soft and creamy.  It is based on a Japanese cheesecake recipe but added with significantly more cream cheese.   It is so soft that it cannot have a clean cut because a knife is too heavy for it.  Well, the cheese is melting in your mouth with a sense of indulgence. 

As I put more cream cheese, I put part of the dough in mini hearty cake moulds.  Two were sitting in a bath with a 16cm cake tin during the baking.  Two were not.  Those in the bath are more creamy and delicious.    As a guinea pig, 3 petit pieces ended up in my stomach.

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