Almond Dacquoise with Fruit


Egg whites left over in the fridge.  How can I dispose them sweetly?  I never tried almond dacquoise in my baking life.  Let’s try it.   I followed Tony Wong’s recipe as my chilled blueberry cheesecake last week was a great success. 

I was busy running around to get the ingredients.  Instead of figs I opt for strawberries.  But this time, the experiment did not succeed.  The receipe was followed through except a big portion of sugar was cut.  It said the baking would take 20 minutes at 180C which is very different from making pavlova. No problem, I followed.  But the result is: the dacquoise was still overly sweet and too soft.  So soft that I skipped putting pastry cream on the dacquoise. Once it is cut, the nearest spot collapsed.  It’s disappointed!  If I get a better recipe and succeed, I will not hesitate but let my audience know soon.   Now, my mood is a bit like the weather today, gloomy.


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