Green Tea Red Bean Swiss Roll

A friend of mine, Milanese, may need to move to Switzerland to serve his client and grow the business.  A Swiss roll seems appropriate for the situation. 

Hong Kong is still in winter.  Temperature today is around 10°C.  It has been like this for weeks.  Next week is still so.   I want green, pink colours to cheer up.  So, a green tea red bean swiss roll.  The combination of green tea red bean is a great invention from the Japanese.  Even my friend Florence, consciously rejects to go to Japan out of the terrible invasion, loves my green tea red bean cheesecake.  Let’s see how the combination turns out in the form of a Swiss roll. 

This time, I don’t use red beans in can but frozen one from Orange Baking Store.  The good thing is no sugar has been added to the beans.  So, you are not limited by the ‘set’ sweetness.

Swiss Roll
3 egg yolks                 10g sugar      20g milk         35g oil
7g green tea powder    42g cake flour       1/2 tsp baking powder
3 egg whites               sugar 30g

100g whipping cream    100g red bean       12g sugar

Beat egg yolks and sugar until sugar is dissolved

Add milk and oil and beat until pale and thick

Fold in the sifted flour mixture into the batter

Beat egg white 80% stiff and fold it into the batter in 2-3 batches

Pour it onto greased parchment paper laid on a tray (mine is 30 x 22 x 2cm)

Bake at 190°C for 12 minutes. Let cool.

Whip cream with sugar.  Mix with the red bean.

Spread it over the cake but leave empty at or a thin touch on the edges. 

Roll up the cake and wrap it in parchment paper to get fixed.

Trim the edges and serve.  Or decorate it with a ribbon as a gift.


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