Chinese Taro Cake

Colleagues asked if I made festive cake for the Chinese New Year.  The answer was No.  My mother cooks wonderful turnip cake.  So, I rely on her totally.  But this time, I was tempted to try my first Chinese New Year special cake, Taro Cake.  It is also served during the festival but far less popular than the turnip cake or the one made with brown sugar.

As a trial, I put only half of the dried shrimps.  So feel free to follow the portion of the recipe.  If you prefer more intensive flavour, add a bit more salt and five spice powder.  My first trial, I am happy about it.  Mom and I had it for breakfast this morning.  The day filled with healthy energy, hooray!

650g Taro          1 Chinese sausage
40g dried shrimp 2 dried scallops

Salt, chicken powder, sesame oil each 1/2 teaspoon
Five spice powder, white pepper each 1/4 teaspoon
1/2 tablespoon sugar    
190g cornstarch
3 cups water

Soak the dried scallops and dried shrimps overnight.  Drain.

Steam the dried scallops until it is soft.  Tear it into ribbon-like

Cook the Chinese sausage in water until it gets boiled.  Dice it.

Dice the dried shrimps.

Grate the taro to ribbon shape.  Mix well with the scallop ribbon.

Heat a wok.  Fry the taro and scallop mixture.  Add the seasonings and corn starch, follow by the Chinese sausage and dried shrimps.  Add water and mix well to a paste.

Fill the mixture into a rectangular cake loaf.  Press it.

Steam it for 20-25 minutes.  Let cool.

Slice and pan fry the taro cake.  Serve warm.

Hi hi, I forgot to add the scallops but still tasted very good.  Oh my Lord, the flavour of taro lingered in the air!

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