Poppy Seed Whole Wheat Rolls

I’ve got a sleepless night, likely due to green tea drunken during my Japanese meal.  Probably, slept half awake between 3am and 7am.  So, I took the time to make a bread dough.  Approximate recipe:

Homemade sour dough, around 100g
120g bread flour
60g French bread flour
120g whole wheat flour
3g dry yeast
150g warm water (around 30°C)
6g sea salt
10g butter
10g poppy seeds

Mix the sour dough, different sorts of flour, water and yeast and beat well with low speed. 

Add in the salt.  Mix well.  Then add the butter.

Mix the dough alternately with low and medium speed.  It is done if a transparent pane can be seen when stretching a piece of the dough.

Place it in a container, cover and let it ferment.  It is cold today.  I let it alone for 2 hours.

Cut the dough into 6 equal pieces.  Let is stand for 10 minutes. 

Shape them into rounds.  Form braided rolls or scale it with pattern. 

Brush the surface with egg white.  Invert the rolls to adhere the poppy seeds.


I was out for 6 hours and put them into the oven immediately.  Temperature 220°C.  Bake around 12 minutes.

Result?  Good.  I recalled the Broetchen in Germany.  Just mine are not as hard and grainy.  Successful trial!


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