Raisin Cumin Rye Rolls

Simple ingredients made my mum’s beloved rolls.  Sometimes, it’s so easy to please somebody. 

320g bread flour     80g rye flour
4g instant yeast     4g sea salt      1 tsp cumin
240g water            60g raisin
1 teaspoon pumpkin seed oil

Mix flour, water, cumin and yeast and knead.  Add salt after kneading by machine has been on for a few minutes. 

Continue to knead until salt has been well blended into the dough.  Then add the oil and knead for around 8 minutes. 

The dough should not be sticky anymore. 

Shape it in a ball and let ferment for 1 hour or more.  It’s not hot yet.  So, it takes longer than an hour.

Cut the dough into 6 equal size pieces.  Let it stand and relax for 10 minutes

Shape them into balls.  I press mould of pattern on the surface. 

Let it rise slowly.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 220C for around 15 minutes.

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