Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake

A public holiday, a day for devoting to my passionate creation.  This time is a chocolate mascarpone cheesecake blended with fromage frais (white soft cheese like cream cheese, originated in France and Belgium), walnuts and raisins.  It was baked in bain marie, water bath to keep the filling soft.  The base is a new trial, chunky fibre digestive biscuits mixed with ground hazelnuts.  Different textures amalgamated into one single mass.  Chocolate fragrance, crunchy walnuts, sweet raisins, toasted fibre biscuit, smooth and subtle tangy mascarpone.  Heavenly, happily enjoyed between palates.

40g ground hazelnuts         
100g fiber digestive biscuit
30g butter, melted

Crush the biscuit with fingers.  Mix with slighted toasted ground hazelnuts and butter.  Bake it for 15 minutes.

100g dark chocolate (75%)   + extra for shavings on top
250g mascarpone         
200g fromage frais
50g raisins
100g walnuts         
2 large eggs                 
40g sugar

Roast the walnuts. Cut into smaller pieces.

Melt the chocolate and let cool.

Whisk mascarpone and fromage frais together until smooth.

Then add egg, one at each time, and sugar.  Whisk well.

Fold in the melted chocolate.  Follow by the walnuts and raisins.

Pour the filling onto the cake base.  Bake it in a water bath at 150C for 1.25 hours.  Let cool in the oven and refrigerate.

Shave chocolate and sprinkle on top of the cake.  Serve with coffee.    What a nice afternoon, indulgent!

Shared joy is double joy.  It is shared with colleagues.  14 of them tried it.  I saw happiness and blissful feeling from Carmen’s face.  What a blessing that food can make one happy!


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