Mango Cheesecake with Sweet Pastry Base

Spring time, temperature shoots high, humidity starts to get into play.  Spring, season for vibrant life. Plant grows, new leaves from my fig shrub, not a tree but in a pot.  What’s nice is mango is now in season.  Wonderful taste and charming fragrance.  Oh, heavenly! 

I am going to Shanghai tomorrow.  My colleague, Ada, asked me in the past if I would bring anything.  Oh yeah, baked mango cheesecake.  It should be kept in a better shape than one blended gelatin and let consolidate at low temperature.  I haven’t made it for a long long time and can’t remember well the taste.  This time, I gave it another twist – a portion of fromage frais added to cream cheese.  Half of the batter mixed with melted butter.  The other half, a new experiment, mixed with cream.

At the moment of writing, I tasted the new trial, not heavy and assimilated with slight sweetness and fruity mango.  Excellent!  The mango cheese filling is smooth while the base is a bit crunchy.  Very different textures.  Next time, I will perch the base to make it even nicer. 

The other version……  Compliments received from a number of colleagues, including an excellent cook Rebecca.  Hurray!

1 16cm & 1 18cm cake pan 

Cake base
180g flour     
56g sugar
112g butter   
0.5 egg

Cut the butter into cubes.  Mix butter, flour and sugar to form a dough. 
Add egg. Blend well to form a disc.
Refrigerate it for 30 minutes
Divide into two and roll out to fit the cake pans
Prick holes on the dough.  Bake at 180°C for 20 minutes

100g Fromage Frais     
500g cream cheese
70g sugar     
3.5 eggs
140g mango mess
60g melted butter
60g cream

Beat the cheese and sugar until fluffy and soft

Add eggs and blend well

Divide the dough into two. 

Add melted butter to one and cream to the other half.

Add mango mess into the dough.  Blend to incorporate.

Bake in preheated oven at 160°C for 40-50 minutes

Let cool. Shave mango and lay on top


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