Raspberry Milk Pudding

A few hectic days in Shanghai and Beijing.  Food is mostly fast food, at airport or on plane.  Yesterday, again a busy day.  I needed joy and made this delighting pudding in pink colour with raspberry.  Bright and cheerful, to sweep away tiresome. Romantic and sweet,  adding to a good night.  It is easy to made, less than half hour and just a few ingredients.  Well, need a bit patience to get it set in the fridge.  Perhaps, slightly little more cream will render a more velvet dessert.

100 cream    
125g low fat milk (use full fat milk will have a smoother texture)
25g sugar      4g gelatin
35g raspberry puree

Soak the gelatin in cold water for a few minutes. Drain and microwave to dissolve.

Cook cream, milk and sugar until it is slightly boiled. Turn off the heat and mix in the gelatin liquid.

Let cool a bit. Blend in the raspberry puree. Pass the mixture through a sieve and pour into dessert serving glasses. Refrigerate for 2 hours or above.


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