This is from a book of Indulge 100 Perfect Desserts, by Claire Clark.  I borrowed it from the public library and was soon impressed by the author’s inspiring introduction of the book.  If I came across a nice book, I normally scan the recipes I would like to try.  But this, I ordered a book earliest possible.  No luck at PageOne but Swindon.

This shortbread is the favourite from Claire’s boss, Thomas A Keller, head of French Laundary, one of the most admired restaurants in California.  He wrote at the Forward that the shortbread is the one he looks for after every trip.  No reason that I should not start with this simple but excellent recipe.

The first bite in my mouth, wow, oh my Lord.  I wanted it with tea and quickly made a cup of earl grey to go with it.  It’s fluffy, buttery but not dominant.  A feeling of bliss, happiness and satisfaction.

150g butter, at room temperature
225g plain flour
60g sugar (80% of the original recipe)
vanilla essence (a few drops)

That’s it.

Cube the butter and rub in to the mixture of flour and sugar. Mix and form a dough.

Press flat and roll out to a rectangular shape, about 1cm thick.

Cut into 15-18 oblongs.

Lay them on parchment paper.

Bake in oven with temperature 180C for 25 minutes. Cool in the oven.

The recipe says bake for 15 minutes, turn around for another 10 minutes. As the first 15 minutes did not get the shortbread brown, I left it and went for a nap. It’s gorgeous when I tried it. I did not sprinkle sugar on top. It’s good for I prefer it less sweet. Try it out and enjoy!

If you are fascinated as I, click the link to get a copy.


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