Mango Dome Cake (with recipe)


Page views of April exceeded 1,000, first of time.  It’s time to celebrate.  What to make?  Chocolate red wine cake from Claire Clark as a new trial?  But I don’t feel like to open a bottle of wine.  Something that mostly searched?  Kwan had birthday on last Friday.  We had Cova‘s Mango Dome Cake, so appealing.  Cream at home, mango in season, dad likes mango.  So, here comes the Mango Dome Cake, an encore of one in January 2010 but this time with recipe.  Special of this cake is: sugar is only added to the cake but not the mango cream.  Yummy and healthy!

Sponge Cake                                 
Eggs 150g
Sugar 110g
Cake flour 90g
Corn flour 30g
Melted butter 60g

Cream 250g
Mango juice 100g
Mango (dices) 200g

Beat eggs and sugar till thick

Fold flour into egg mixture

Mix a bit of the batter with melted butter well.  Fold in melted butter mixture into te cake batter

Bake for 150°C for 25 minutes

Let cool

Mango Cream
Whip cream till soft peaks form, but not stiff 

Put Mango juice into cream and mix it  

Cut the cake horizontally into 3 pieces (the middle layer smaller than the base and the top the smallest)

Tear the excess of the cake into small granular pieces

Put mango cream on the base layer follow by mango dices

Cover with the middle cake layer

Put mango cream and mango dices

Put the smallest layer on top

Cover the whole cake with mango cream

Put Cake powder all over the cake


13 thoughts on “Mango Dome Cake (with recipe)

  1. hi,
    what is mango cream? is there a brand that I can buy? do I use fresh mango juice or can I buy it off the shelf?
    what is cake powder?

    it looks YUMMY ! and I can’t wait to try it !

  2. Mango juice is from the fresh mango which you dice it. Mixing the mango juice and whipped cream is the mango cream. It is included in the receipt. Cake powder is the excessive granular cake pieces you trim from each cake layer. The base layer is the largest piece. You need to have smaller piece at the middle and the smallest cake on top to form a half sphere. Hope it clarifies.

      1. hi me yan,
        I made the cake yesterday and it was pretty good..
        problem that I faced:

        I blended the mangoes to make juice so the juice was creamy thick…and because of that
        the cake was heavy and it took one hour to
        cook instead if your suggested half hour.
        I wanted to make the cream thicker but was
        afraid the mix of cream and mango ‘cream’ ( not juice) might curdle the cream so although it was firm enough to stay on the side of the
        cake it could have been thicker so can I make it thicker?

        I put the cake crumbs in the oven for a minute to make it slightly crispy so that was nice..

        overall, fantastic!! thank you Meyan for sharing.

        please tell me how you make mango juice…
        diluted …

  3. Hi Meileng,

    The cake is a sponge cake. So, the baking should take only very short time. The cake batter is not mixed with the mango cream.

    The mango cream is put on each layer of the cake, among with mango dices. At last, the leftover mango cream should cover the cake. The cake crumb will stick better to the cake.

    I used mangos from the Philippines. It is my favourite, sweet, juicy and fresh. Indian mango is available only at the monsoon period. To me, it has a taste of royalty.

    Hope it helps.

    1. hi Meyan,
      thank you very much for replying..
      you have been of great help. however, I need
      to know how you got the mango juice?
      did you blend the mangoes?

      1. thank you Meyan. keep on baking and posting your yummy creations ! bye!

        Sent from my iPhone

  4. I am not sure if this will get to you. Would like to check corn flour in the recipe means corn starch, and cake flour is plain flour. Many thanks

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