Bailey’s Cheesecake

I am taking Chinese herbal medicine.  It means no sour and spicy food.  Hmm, no fruit cake.  What to make?  All right, Bailey’s Cheesecake.  It’s not in this blog, so far.  I woke up very early again.  Don’t waste the day, started to make this awesome cake.  As usual, I can’t wait until it is set in the refrigerator.  Let’s have a trial when it is nicely warm.  Wow, slight acidic favour from the Bailey’s, heavenly dark chocolate, velvet cream cheese!  The chocoate is still runny.  Marvellous!

150g chocolate biscuit
65g melted butter

680g Cream Cheese
130g sugar
60g chocolate (75% cocoa)
3 Eggs                  
1/2 cup Coffee Baileys

Combine butter and chocolate biscuit.  Fill in the bottom of a 22cm cake tin.

Melt the chocolate over hot water

Beat cream cheese until smooth

Beat in sugar and beat well

Beat in eggs, one at a time

Blend in Baileys to half of the cheese mixture

Pour the Baileys cream cheese mixture over the crust

Pour in the melted chocolate

Repeat the layering

Pour the cream cheese mixture on top of the chocolate

Drizzle the chocolate mixture on the surface and randomly swirl the batter with a cake pin to make chocolate marble

Bake 10 minutes at 230ºC, then 55 minutes at 125ºC

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