7 Dwarf Baguette, Rye

Not sure where an eagerness of making Baguette came from, well just make it.  A half-portion pre-dough was prepared last night, after 11am.  It was left in the fridge for fermanation overnight. 

Birds sang, light permeated into the room.  I woke up.  Enthusiasm drove me to start making my Baguette.  Half portion of bread flour, salt, yeast measured.  But full measure of water poured into the dry mixture. Oh my God, the water volume is double, impossible!  As a remedy I added all other ingredients to the dough, including rye flour and a bit of whole wheat flour.

It was very wet.  Wet, wet and wet.  The kneading machine did not knead the dough to a binding condition. So, used my hands, raised the dough up and bashed it to the kitchen working place.  A long time, long long time, sweating body, tiring fingers and arms.  Perhaps, half hour later, the dough was not so wild but manageable, not so sticky any more.  Then it was let for fermentation, finally.  I had no idea how the bread will turn out.  Just try, nothing to lose.

I did the washing, followed with a half hour exercise.  Just a bit more than an hour after, it grew tremendously.  Next step is to cut into pieces.  Each weighed around 250g.  They were shaped into rounds, let rest and relaxed for about 25 minutes.

They grew drastically.  Amazing!   The last stage…..  Flatten each small dough and fold each corner towards the centre.  Roll it into baguette shape.  Given the size of my oven, I opt for dwarf baguette.  One hour later, huge growth again. 

They were baked in batches. Each lasted about 25 minutes.  awesome good with extra virgin olive oil, avocardo oik and truffle oil.

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