Passion Fruit White Chocolate Mousse Cake

A relative learnt this fabulous cake from Coup Kitchen and passed a copy of the recipe to me.  I have yet to master the skills of making it. This time, I did not get it right.  Too big the gap left between the sponge cake and the edge.  I did not fill it with the white chocolate mousse but made triple the white chocolate glazing trying to fill the gap.  Unfortunately, I was not right.  So the cake did not have a flat and smooth surface but a plateau.  The appearance of the whole cake is not appealing but the texture and taste were great.  The passion fruit was refreshing.  Layers of sponge cake, chocolate mousse, passion fruit jelly and finally the chocolate glazing.  The cake is very light.  I have an appetite to continue eating.  A heavenly enjoyment. Yeah yeah!

To make it look more appealing.  I lay sliced strawberry on top of a piece.  Looks artistic ah!  But the whole cake did not look so nice.

I am not sure if I can disclose the recipe but the composition of the layer should be OK. Here they are:

Passion fruit jelly made with passion fruit puree, vanilla essence, gelatin leave and apricot gel

Sponge cake made with 3 eggs, sugar, cake flour and melted butter

White chocolate mousse from white chocolate, milk, cream, Kirsch and gelatin.

White chocolate glazing with cream, milk, glucose syrup and gelatin leaves.

Next time, may be a distant future, I will assure the gap between the sponge cake and the cake pan edge will be minimised.


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