Apple Cake

A lazy and relaxed day, busy at baking and enjoyed a long nap.  The day started with kneading and fermentation of cranberry pistachio bread, followed by this sumptuous homemade cake.  It’s not the first time making this cake.  But the last time dated  back a few years ago.  The recipe is from Annabelle White, a cookbook randomly picked in Rotorua, New Zealand, back to 1999.  It covers all meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.  The key of all is: simple.  And it works, most of the time.  I am not the only follower but Smitten Kitchen, with a certain variations.  Not a surprise, it’s basically a version in the US.

A rich cake, 250ml of oil, 330g of flour.  To make it less terribly scary of weight gain, I cut the sugar from 330g to 250g.  The  sugar portion of the cinnamon sugar is cut from 50g to 15g.    I can’t imagine how sweet it will be if I followed strictly the ingredients.  Good then, my love for baking but with big cautions of the sugar.

After the intensive labour, it’s time to enjoy a tiny slice with a sip of earl grey tea.  Very nice!  Still reading a bit.  But my eyes lids were so heavy.  A nap of 2 good hours before Saturday worship and cell group.


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