Country Bread and Rolls

Old bread dough is all gone.  It’s time to make new ones.  I have been using Rachel Yau’s recipe.  250g bread flour, 160g water, water and yeast.  Knead and ferment as normal.  Punch and divide the dough in balls, each weighs 50g.  Freeze for future use.  I used 500 bread flour and could lavishly use a big portion of my country bread.  I used French bread flour, the bread was a bit like baguette.

I took about 300g old bread dough, mixed with 325g French bread flour, 50g rye flour, 190g water, 3g yeast, 7g salt and 20g butter.  Knead the dough until a transparent pane by stretching the dough can be seen.  Because I would have dinner with friends, so the fermentation took place in the fridge for over 20 hours. 

Today, it underwent the second rise after dividing them into big and smaller ones. The big one sat in a banneton.  The rise took around 2 hours.  The smaller ones first went into the oven and sat there for about 12-15 minutes.   The big one was baked for just 35 mintues.  Nice golden brown! 

Hmm, no dessert.  It’s easy to have sweet.  Another slice of bread, half it.  Half with better and raspberry from Austria and the other half  with Doug‘s organic ironbark tree honey.  Superb!  The honey is thick, concentrate, fragnantly sweetly.  Poor Doug always gets stuck.  Lucky me and buyers of his honey are blissful to enjoy the pure wonderful honey.


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