Rosé coq au vin Dill Fettuccine

Finally, a restfal Saturday that I can cook something to destress.  It is from one of the French dishes, coq au vin, adapted from Nigella Lawson‘s white wine coq au vin.  Instead I took the left over Rosé.  It tasted good.  I love especially the favour released by leek and onion.  The oyster mushroom got all the favours.  Fragnant mushroom and tender chicken, hmm, excellent.  When the pasta is drained, just spoon the chicken, with its sauce and pour a bit cream on the mixture.  Serve with shredded parmesan cheese.  Wonderfully good!

It’s easy to cook.  Sweat 4 rashes of bacon.  Then add sliced union and cook until soft.  Add chicken until it is half cooked.  Add Rosé till reaching the bubble stage.  Add sliced leek and oyster mushroom.  Simmer it for half an hour.  Season with salt and pepper.

Cook the fettuccine till al dente.  Drain.  Add the chicken with its sauce to the pasta.  Pour in some cream and cook till the cream is reduced by half.  Serve with shredded parmesan cheese.  A satisfactory lunch with my mum.

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