Landbrot, German Country Bread

It’s a vision to be able to bake German bread at home.  Ja, a long way to go….  First lack of the right ingredients, second no relevant knowledge on the know-how.  Still, no harm to try.  Life is an experiment.  No harm to have one’s own version of German bread.  Luckily the result is good, never be difficult to finish the baked bread.  This recipe is based on Richard Bertinet, Brot für Genießer bought in Germany.  Unfortunately, Richard is French.  So his bread recipes are primarily French.  Still I am happy to learn the basic skills.

This is not a sourdough bread but also requires a few fermentations, more than normal one, fermenation and final rise.  First I defrosted around 100 old dough.  Let it cool to room temperature.  I used autolyse method.  Mix the 150g bread flour, 100g rye flour and 190g water for over 20 minutes.  Then add the old dough and 2g instant yeast.  I mixed the dough with a machine with mixed speed for about minutes.  Salt was added quite the end.  Let it ferment for an hour until it’s doubled in size.

Take out the dough and shape it into round shape.  Another fermentation, another hour.  Still another round but 30 minutes this time.  Divide the dough into two.  Then final rise for 1.25 hours.  Preheat the oven at 250C.  Spray water to create steam.  Put the dough in.  Turn the temperatue to 220C and bake for 30 minutes.

Results: a nice crust, chewy and fragrant.  Can’t stop eating, 1/2 piece consumed for one lunch.  It’s about 150g.  


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