Dutch Apple Cake

This Dutch Apple Cake is made in memorial of Steve Jobs, a legendary person of Apple Inc, an innovator.   The world gets quieter….. His spirit remains.  Certainly, his name remembered.

November, a hot day, scores 30°C.  A Saturday, after a busy week, a day after the availability of iPhone 4S in Hong Kong.  A tired day for me.  Well, at least it’s a day of mine.  Thank you!

The pastry is not easy to handle. It’s quite fragmented and a lot of work to put it in shape, artistically.  It’s called a cake, the Dutch way?  Half pie and half cake.  Perhaps, I should ask a Dutch if it’s genuinely Dutch.   When I saw the picture on the internet, I loved its latticed decoration.  So, give it a trial.  My version is an addition of pecan nuts and extra dash of nutmeg.  Hooray!

Or check out the latest Apple Rum Cake, heavenly yummy.  Natural sweetness of different apples, fragnant rum, slight sour of lemon juice and granny smith……..


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