Blueberry Muffin

An original attempt this morning is a ginger butter cake.  Unfortunately I don’t have crystalised ginger and grand Marnier at home.  So, it has to be something.  Huh, fresh blueberry at home!  Why not trying out another blueberry muffin recipe?  Here it goes!  Blueberry muffin from Thomas Lui, a winner of various pastry competitions.  After years of serving in big hotels, he now has his own pastisserie, Thomas Trillion.

100g Butter
180g sugar (90% of original recipe)
2 eggs
150g milk
300g flour (I used half plain and half cake flour)
10g baking powder
2g salt
100g blueberry

Preheat the oven at 180C

Beat softened butter and sugar till creamy

Mix in eggs in two batches

Add sieved flour, baking powder and salt into the butter mixture

Add milk and mix well till smooth

Add blueberry

Divide the muffin batter between 16 muffin cups

Bake for 25 tyo 30 minutes

Let cool for a few minutes

That’s my breakfast enjoyed with my parents


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