Tiramisu at Christmas time

Tender sunlight at the late afternoon, tiresome…..  A cheerful job of taking photo of the Tiramisu made at Christmas time.  It’s both physically and emotionally ‘picking me up’.  Physically, for its velvet mascarpone cream mixture with a bit brandy in the mouth.  Emotionally, a lift from the gloomy chilly winter with the delightful dessert.  Ah, it’s not yet dinner.  Dessert is too early.  It’s gorgeous, anyway!

Tiramisu has been a long-time favourite dessert.  So, it’s time for a twist.  Brandy is used instead of dark rum.  Savoyardi biscuits are fencing the dessert.  Isn’t it great?  Nice with the eyes.  I can’t wait to enjoy a slice!

With the biscuits on the circumference, I could spare to make an extra small one.  Hurray!


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