Manhattan Cheesecake

Today is the end of 2011.  It has been weeks that I haven’t met the church friends.  Most of them are married.  Meetings around the festive time were cancelled.  Fortunately, the meeting today will be on.  A new trial, Manhattan cheesecake from Eric Lanlard, will be served.  A colleague asked me what Manhattan Cheesecake is.  Well, I think it’s just a name.  Manhattan is in New York, right?  If you know the difference between New York and Manhattan Cheesecake, please tell me.

I like this one. It is smooth, melting in mouth though it is baked.  I guess the trick is the addition of sour cream and low temperature baking.  The kick of fresh lemon lingers in the mouth for a long while, can even take the equivalence of wine’s long finish.

The cake can be either served on its own, with bare decoration with strawberry or blueberry coulis.

Click here for recipe.  Mine is 70% of the ingredients to make a 18cm cake and 13cm cake.  Plus, I cut 20% sugar.


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